Healthcare Facilities in Mussoorie

Healthcare facilities in MussoorieHealthcare facilities are one of the most essential requirements of a habitable society and a well administered city. There is no exception to the fact that without proper health care arrangements it would be extremely difficult to survive in any location. Recognizing this fact, Mussoorie, although being a small town in Dehradun district, has sufficient arrangements to take care of the medical needs of the inhabitants and visitors of the place. However, in this activity both private and government hospitals have joined hands along with eminent doctors who have agreed to serve the people of Mussoorie in Uttarakhand. It may be noted that critical medical treatments are not possible in Mussoorie as there remains insufficiency of proper equipments and latest technologies for which one has to travel to Dehradun city where popular and renowned hospitals are present.

In Mussoorie the medical treatment availed by the majority of people living here or the tourists is the allopathic treatment. There are renowned hospitals in the hill station that cater the patient, with allopathic treatment and medicines. Apart from this, ayurvedic treatment is also gaining popularity among the inhabitants though only few formal clinics on ayurvedic treatment are present in Mussoorie

Mussoorie has three major hospitals within its geographical area, St Mary’s Hospital, Landour Community Hospital and The Civil Hospital. All these hospitals are equipped with necessary medical equipments and guided by efficient doctors to treat any sort of medical problems. Specified officers from the healthcare department are deputed to monitor the functioning of these hospitals and their branches within Mussoorie itself.

Apart from monitoring the regular functioning of clinics, hospitals, the medical departments with the help of doctors from Mussoorie hospitals organize health camps to spread awareness on different medical issues and deadly diseases.Hospitals in Mussoorie have set up helpline for corona affected patients. With 24X7 healthcare facilities, separate ward equipped with ventilators and testing lab for the treatment of patients they are doing a lot to ensure the early recovery of Covid 19 affected patients. Pathlabs of this city are equipped to carry out RT-PCR, COVID-19 Antigen Tests, COVID-19 Antibody Tests. You can also find medicines for Covid 19 patients in this part of Uttarakhand.

Some of the renowned General physicians in Mussoorie are:

Dr G K Thakral
The Mall, Mussoorie Ho
Mussoorie Uttarakhand 248179
Phone: 0135 2632546
Open on: Monday to Saturday
Timings: 9:00am to 12:00pm and 6:00pm to 9:30pm

Dr B D Garg
Mall Rd, Mussoorie Ho
Mussoorie Uttarakhand 248179
Phone: 0135 2632232
Open on: Monday to Saturday
Timings: 10:00am to 12:00pm and 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Dr Aditya Prasad
Kulri, Mussoorie Ho
Mussoorie Uttarakhand 248179
Phone: 0135 2632208
Open on: Monday to Saturday
Timings: 8:00am to 12:00pm and 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Dr. S. K Negi
52, Near Panjab National Bank
St. Mary`s Hospital, The Mall Road, Kulri
Mussoorie Ho, Mussoorie Uttarakhand 248179
Phone: 0135 2632869
Open on: Monday to Saturday
Timings: 9:00am to 12:00pm and 5:00pm to 7:30pm

Dr Vinay Kumar Jain
Mall Road Mussoorie Ho
Mussoorie Uttarakhand248179
Phone: 0135 2632845
Open on: Monday to Saturday
Timings: 8:00am to 11:00 am and 6:00pm to 8:30pm

Community Health Centers are government established centers, where there are both doctors and nurses who work towards the medical needs of the society. Almost all kinds of treatments are available in these CHC’s except surgeries. There are hospital beds inside the health centers for patients who need to stay back for elaborate treatments. Mussoorie has one such authorized center where there is sufficient medical facilities to cater any patient primarily before transferring to any bigger hospital, if necessary

Community Health Centre Mussoorie
Civil Hospital Road, Landour
Dehradun District
Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179
Email: [email protected]

Dental Clinics in Mussoorie

Dental problems are acute problems which can be quite painful if ignored and kept without treatments. To cater the integral dental problems, Mussoorie houses some of the most efficient dentists in the hill station.

Some of the popular dental clinic in Mussoorie:

Dr Khoslas Dental Clinic
Westend House, Oral Health Resort
Kulri, Mussoorie Ho
Mussoorie Uttarakhand - 248179
Phone: 8979013560

Dr K N Bhandari
Kulri Bazaar Mussoorie Ho
Mussoorie Uttarakhand248179
Phone: 0135 2632058
Open on: Monday to Saturday
Timings: 6:00 pm to 9:30pm

Ayurvedic Treatment in Mussoorie

Ayurvedic treatment is an age old medical treatment which is known to have amazing results on patients and are accepted by people worldwide. In Mussoorie people are slowly accepting the benefits of this mode of treatment and the same is getting popular with each passing day. It must be noted that ayurvedic treatment can cure immense number of diseases which includes cancer, diabetes, thyroid, gastric problems, cardiac problems, blood pressure issues and many others.

The major Ayurvedic Clinic based in Mussoorie is:

Dr G L Bakshi
128, Landour Bazaar, Mussoorie Ho
Mussoorie Uttarakhand 248179
Phone: 0135 2631499

Pathology Services in Mussoorie

Pathology Services in today’s date have become an important part of medical treatments. A good diagnosis by the doctors is always dependent on perfect test reports. In Mussoorie though the basic tests can be done in the hospital premises only but for any critical or in detail lab testing one has to visit Dehradun for the best pathology services.

Many of these pathlabs also carry out RT-PCR, COVID-19 Antigen Tests, COVID-19 Antibody Tests in Mussoorie . Equipped with all amenities these pathlabs provide completely trustworthy diagnosis and reports are also prepared by experienced pathologists to make treatment of the diseases easier and faster.

In a nutshell, though Mussoorie is quite capable of handling medical issues within the town itself, but for any emergency situation or critical diseases the right place to travel would be the district headquarters Dehradun, which is based at a distance of 38 kms from Mussoorie and can be easily reached through private taxis.

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