Sports in Mussoorie

Mussoorie is one of the famous tourist destinations with charming landscapes, lush greenery, verdant valley and snowy peaks making a mesmerizing picturesque environment that attracts all across boundaries. It is the most preferred destination for people for ages. Be it the British of yesteryears or the travelers of the present time, Mussoorie has the charm that appeals everybody. But it would be wrong to shift the whole credit to the natural beauty of the place since for ages it has been a spot for various interesting sports starting from polo games, horse riding in the early days to trekking, paragliding, valley crossing, rappelling and many others. It is these sports activities organized by different communities and groups in Mussoorie who are responsible for making the place full of fun and entertainment and turning it into a more attracting tourist spot.

Sports Activity in Mussoorie

The people of Mussoorie are extremely conscious about sports activity and that is why every sport gets enough encouragement from the locals here. Though there is not much option of cricket and football in Mussoorie but still there are schools and institutions which encourage this kind of popular games among the next generation. The CST Soccer Ground near Mussoorie Chakrata Marg is such an initiative where games are organised.

Apart from the usual games, Mussoorie is famous for various adventurous games organized by Mussoorie Adventure Park for the visitors. Established in 2003, this is an ideal place for enjoying the heart out with family and friends. However, this may not suit those who have physical ailments or weaker heart conditions but for the young at hearts this is an excellent entertaining option. It is Xtreme Adventure Sports Company whose integral part Real Adventure Sports holds the authority of operating Mussoorie Adventure Park. The best part of adventure sports here is the fact that there are extremely trained and skilled professionals who are responsible for safety and enjoyable experience of the people here.

Mussoorie Adventure Park has a wide range of interesting activities which includes trekking, rafting, climbing, mountaineering, parallel ropes, valley crossing, rappelling, zip line etc According to the facts revealed, Mussoorie Adventurous Park has the longest zip line in Himalayas. These lines are controlled and majorly operated by professionals from U.S.A or Colorado. The place remains open on all days and the entry fee is different for each activity. The cost of rides may vary from Rs 200 to Rs 10,000.

Boating can be enjoyed hugely in Mussoorie. Be it Kempty Falls or Mussoorie Lake there are plenty of boating options with large availability of paddle boats at minimum charges. The timings for boating is, however, fixed but the same is open for all days in a week. Visitors from various places as well as the locals enjoy the boat ride with ultimate enthusiasm.

Various indoor games are quite popular in this part of Dehradun district. Be it cards or versatile board games, the medium is one of the preferred modes of time pass in Mussoorie.

Sports in Mussoorie are hugely encouraged by the school authorities. Almost every school holds a bigger playground along with trained teachers to initiate various kinds of sports and to grow interest of the youth and kids in theses activities in Mussoorie.
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